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Successful introduction of AUMA Cloud at Jönköping Energi


The use of modern cloud solutions allows plant operators to continuously improve predictive and condition-based maintenance schemes for their electric actuators while optimising processes and ensuring utmost plant reliability and availability. Pontus Magnusson, managed to find the perfect arguments in combination with a good presentation, to convince our Swedish customer Jönköping Energi AB to test our AUMA Cloud. 

Jönköping Energi AB supplies more than 55,000 customers and households in the segments heating, coooling, electricity and biogas. The focus lies on sustainable and long-term production procedures. For example, our customer uses naturally cooled water from the large "Vättern" lake (one of the largest lakes in Sweden) for centralised cooling, thus avoiding deployment of conventional cooling methods. Among others, 120 AUMA actuators in combination with AC 01.2 and AC 01.1 actuator controls ensure the energy and resource distribution. As one of our service performance activities, our member of service staff, Pontus Magnusson, registered the 120 actuators with the pertaining actuator controls by means of the AUMA Assistant App and uploaded the devices to the AUMA Cloud. Thereafter, he transmitted the uploaded devices to the customer's account. This way, our AUMA Cloud and the related functionalities will support Jönköping Energi AB with sustainable Asset Management for their electric actuators.

Pontus Magnusson, Service engineer at AUMA Scandinavia AB
Kevin Nietupski, Group Leader Product Management Service (SPM), 
Service Center Cologne